Product Defects

The Firm represents suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers in product compliance and defect claims, breach of warranty, and various UCC-1 rights and remedies.

Our product liability attorney in PhoenixWe have experience in personal injury litigation involving negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty, and consumer protection. We proactively defend and contest for our clients’ rights to product safety. Our experience includes jury trials and litigation in areas of personal injuries, insurance coverage, aircraft design, maintenance, consumer product design, highway design, and personal liability.

At J. Ernest Baird, P.C., our Phoenix attorneys have experience with a variety of products that include industrial and electrical equipment, automobile and aviation vehicles, household appliances, and manufacturing equipment. Our practice and understanding of product liability has given us the expertise to both defend and prosecute in liability allegations.

Our successful resolution of these cases serves to keep safety a priority for both individuals and corporations in the consumer world. Whether seeking a product safety consultation or a liability claim, our product liability attorney in Phoenix AZ has the expertise you need.

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