Intellectual Property Law

J. Ernest Baird, P.C. law firm is committed to protecting the rights of those who create original works. Our patent attorneys provide legal representation in the area of intellectual property law and policy.

Patent attorney in PhoenixWith the increase in technology and software utilization, protecting the interest of products, designs, and ideas has become an increasingly difficult task. Under Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights it is written that, “Everyone has the rights to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary, or artistic production of which an individual is the author.”

At J. Ernest Baird, P.C., we fervently represent our clients in patents, copyright, trademarks, industrial design, trade dress, and trade secrets. We believe that intellectual property is the extension of the individual and is due the assets derived from that property. Our experienced team of Phoenix patent attorneys has represented some of the most high profile clients in the entertainment and artistic community. We have successfully advocated for the Screen Actors Guild, in which we drafted the film-piracy protection, along with the health, pension, and performers with disabilities platforms.

Our highly experienced attorneys can assist in cease and desist orders, domain disputes, and trademark infringement.  We believe that each individual is due their rights to their intellect. The human mind is the source of wealth, innovation, and social improvement. Partner with us today to protect your intangible property and the future that it deserves.

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