Business Contracts & Transactions

Contract Attorney shaking handsAt J. Ernest Baird, P.C., our Phoenix contract lawyers specialize in all aspects of business contracts and transactions, including drafting, reviewing and negotiating the terms and conditions of partnership agreements, general business contracts, licensing agreements, asset purchase contracts, and buy-sell agreements.

Our experienced contract attorneys help businesses avoid litigation and potential contract disputes by assisting in business planning, business contract negotiation, and reviewing any potential contract to determine and inform our client of their legal standing.

Our lawyers take the time and use the energy necessary to properly draft and explain our clients’ contractual rights and duties. We provide situation-specific legal advice and work diligently to ensure our clients’ rights are protected by negotiating favorable contract terms on their behalf.

Phoenix Contract Lawyers

Our contract lawyers help businesses review existing contracts for issues such as liability, choice of law, definition of breach, severability and succession. Our staff is skilled at finding new and creative ways to protect our clients’ interests through strategic contractual negotiations and amendments.

Our cost-sensitive approach to legal representation and contractual advice make us a clear choice for individuals and businesses.

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