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As Internet access continues to grow, members of the creative (art and entertainment) community face an increasing threat of piracy. In this era of digital sharing, businesses and members of the arts and entertainment industry need a full-service arts and entertainment law firm that can protect them from exploitation. The entertainment lawyers at J. Ernest Baird, P.C. specialize in devising and executing strategies to combat the piracy of entertainment content and intellectual property.

Phoenix entertainment lawyerOur attorneys provide counseling on a wide variety of arts and entertainment law cases, and digital media transactional matters, including film, television, online, mobile, and advertising. Our art and entertainment legal team assists clients with such matters as reviewing and negotiating talent, licensing and distribution contracts, registering and protecting copyrights and trademarks, handling disputes over royalties, pursuing damages for defamation, setting up agency/business entities, establishing rights of privacy and publicity.

Our clients often include publishers, artists, producers, musicians, agents, managers and film and theater production companies. In 2005, our firm was called upon to assist Screen Actors Guild Presidential Candidate Morgan Fairchild with drafting the SAG’s film-piracy protection, health, pension and performers with disabilities campaign platforms.

Our experienced team of entertainment attorneys understands the growing trends in the arts and entertainment industry and can provide you a comprehensive legal and regulatory framework for piracy protection. Maintain heightened vigilance over your original works of authorship by teaming up with J. Ernest Baird, P.C. of Phoenix – the leader in arts and entertainment law in Arizona.

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